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Choosing a 3 Season or Thermal Sunroom

You’ve decided to build a Sunroom for additional living space in your home.

So you’ve decided to expand your home’s living space with a new Sunroom. Now you must decide what type of Sunroom will best suit your family’s needs. Are you looking for a seasonal sunny space or a room that you can enjoy comfortably throughout the entire year? Sunspace Sunrooms provide you with so many options, from Screen Rooms to Vinyl Sunrooms and even Thermal Sunrooms that provide as much comfort throughout the winter months as the rest of the home.

Sunrooms enable you to enjoy that panoramic view of your home’s surroundings while protecting you and your family from harsh elements like wind and rain, pesky insects and harmful UV rays. Sunrooms are generally designed to allow in as much sunshine and light as 80% windows will allow in a room. But where Vinyl or 3 Season Sunrooms are structured to facilitate the seamless flow of fresh outside-air while controlling your outside environment, Thermal Sunrooms are designed to be regulated much like that of your main home at any time of the day or season.

So which Sunroom to choose?

Simply put, 3-Season and 4-Season Sunrooms may be similar in structure, however, these sunrooms differ greatly in use, cost and construction. Let’s explore some of the differences between them.

3-Season Sunrooms.

A 3-Season Sunroom is best suited to the warmer months as they are entirely dependent on the climatic weather conditions of the seasons. These Sunrooms are a great solution to creating additional space in your home. Featuring insulated pillars and even an Acrylic Roof, 3 Season Sunspace Sunrooms are custom-designed and manufactured to suit your home’s existing exterior and can be easily installed on top of an existing porch, patio or deck. Although not necessarily recommended for all seasons, a 3-Season Sunroom can still be outfitted with an HVAC system connection or an alternate heat source such as a gas or even wood burning fireplace. The options are endless!

Thermal Sunrooms.

It’s important to understand that a 4-Season or Thermal Sunroom is more costly than a 3-Season Sunroom. But it is important to realize that insulated wall panels, roofing, and even thermal flooring or a ThermaDeck installation, provide an energy-efficient living space that your family is able to enjoy year-round. Thermal Sunrooms differ in that the climate of these rooms can be easily regulated in the hotter and cooler months since they have a substantial heat source or are connected to the home’s existing HVAC system, much like that of a traditional room addition. Thermal Sunrooms offer you a new space that provides as much comfort as any other room in the house.

So when it comes to deciding on a 3-Season Sunroom or a Thermal Sunroom addition, consider how you will use your room, are you extending your home’s space or expanding your outdoor living space to enjoy more of the seasons. Tropical Sunrooms will help you choose the best type of Sunroom for your family’s needs and design and build the space of your dreams.

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