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Choosing a Sunroom or Room Addition

Looking to expand your home’s current living space with a Sunroom or room addition? 

Your family is currently outgrowing your home’s current space, but you love your neighborhood and your home.  Home additions come in many different shapes and sizes. You could decide to build up or build out, you can build a new room or even expand an existing room. There are so many viable options to consider. Do you choose a traditional room addition or opt for a bright and airy Sunroom? There are vast differences between these structures so there are many things to consider, such as time, cost, knowing your options for such a renovation, and most importantly, finding the best contractor to do the job right.

Here are some points to consider when undertaking a home expansion project.

Why a Sunspace Sunroom is a great choice!

Sunrooms are a popular choice amongst new generation homeowners who are looking at expanding the living space of their home in a more cost-effective way. A Sunroom is generally much more affordable than a conventional room addition. Sunspace Sunrooms are constructed of extruded aluminum and are virtually maintenance free, and come backed by a Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty. Sunspace and WeatherMaster Sunrooms come in a variety of configurations and colors, so your new room can be designed to match the existing exterior of your home seamlessly as if they had always been there. Sunrooms are up to 80% glass or vinyl, allowing up to 75% ventilation, as compared to a maximum of 40% windows in a traditional room addition according to basic building code standards. A sunroom does not increase the square footage of your home, however, it will definitely increase the value and aesthetic of your home. Enjoying the outdoors from the comfort of the indoors, in up to all seasons makes a sunroom a great option for expanding your indoor and outdoor living space. Generally, Sunrooms are not required by code to include an electrical or HVAC connection to the house. Although this can be considered to help control the climate of your sunroom and make it a more comfortable space throughout all the seasons for the entire family.

Traditional Room Additions can be costly and time-consuming.

A traditional room addition is generally constructed of all the same materials as any other part of your home’s existing construction. So you are looking at timber frame construction and insulation, concrete foundation work, HVAC and electrical connection to the main home and roofing. Basement space may also be added when and where appropriate. Adding HVAC and electrical service to any home addition can be expensive and is a frugal reason to consider a sunroom. Foundation work is another price driver when considering a Room addition. However, when it comes to the long-term value and equity of your home, a room addition is considered a part of your home’s square footage, so the value add is substantial. Sunrooms, unlike traditional room additions, afford you the incredible flexibility to utilize your new space for any activities you choose, from exercising, relaxing, entertaining and perhaps, even soaking in the hot tub, all while keeping out the bugs and pesky weather, and still enjoying those lovely summer breezes. The cost-benefit analysis of constructing a Sunroom over a conventional room addition is substantial, and it’s possible to build a Sunroom for the fraction of the cost, a fraction of the time, with minimally invasive construction on your home. You have enough 4 season space in your home, change the way you live in and outside your home. Call Tropical today! 1-800-265-2184

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