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Cozy Up Your Sunroom

Now that summer is upon us, you may be thinking about redecorating or even adding a Sunroom to your home. Even if you already have a Sunroom and are just looking to redecorate or maybe you are thinking about building a brand-new Sunroom to your home, you can always use some new some design tips and inspiration. We’ve gathered some great tips from design experts Diane Emjakovic & Rachel Keach and wanted to share them with you!

Choose Durable Furniture

Although your Sunroom isn’t an exposed outdoor porch you still want to make sure you are decorating it correctly for it’s purpose. Design team Diane & Rachel say to use nicely designed outdoor furniture with water resistant cushions. When searching for that perfect patio set, think outside the box and mix and match sets! Don’t just settle for one set, grab a piece from a couple of different sets that pair well together.

Outdoor Furniture with “indoor” features

Another thing to keep in mind is you don’t need to decorate your Sunroom with all outdoor furniture, after all it is technically indoors. If you’ve chosen patio pieces as a couch and chair use a nice durable indoor coffee table and end tables. Just make sure to not over do it, you don’t want to use a glass coffee table.

Use Interior Décor Accents

Brighten up your Sunroom the same you would any other room in your house! Use interior accents like vases, center pieces, and faux plants. You don’t have to use just fake plants you can use actual plants if you or someone in your family has a green thumb. Using interior accents throughout your new Sunroom can really make your room come together. Add a nice brushed brass vase or bowl or mix in some cool botanicals.

Art: Botanical/” interior” Style

Art always adds an interesting and unique touch to the look of any room. The same goes for when you are decorating your Sunroom. Go for pieces that you would typically see indoors something with an architectural feel or if you’d prefer some cool botanical pieces.

Heated Floors & Insulation

Ideally you want to be spending as much time in your Sunroom as possible, even when the weather starts to cool down. If you haven’t built your Sunroom or you are still in the process of building it now is one of the better times to install heated floors and make sure the windows you choose are sealed well. If you already have your Sunroom installed you can consider installing heated floors or use a nice warm carpet to warm up the floor.

Save Money by Updating Existing Elements

If you have an old out of date fireplace, consider re-purposing it, and give it a fresh coat of paint. Most Sunrooms are built on the back of your house so a lot of the time there’s a brick wall in your Sunroom. Try not to cover up the brick with drywall, embrace the brick as Diane & Rachel say! Use the rustic features and pieces throughout your Sunroom and re-purpose them.

Dress Up the Doorway

The door to your new Sunroom is an important area to focus on. Try avoiding a screen door and look for something with double doors like French doors or shaker doors. Look for doors with a lot of glass throughout so you can keep you Sunroom and the room it’s off of bright and open.
br> With these super easy to follow steps and tips on decorating your new Sunroom or redesigning your current Sunroom, you’ll be able change out piece by piece without spending to much time thinking about how each piece will go with the other and planning the whole thing out before you start to do anything.

For more great tips & ways to enjoy your Sunroom, contact Tropical Sunrooms today and speak with an expert.

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