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Eco-Friendly Sunroom Ideas


With the rising costs of energy, we are more aware of being more environmentally friendly than ever. A Sunspace Sunroom by Tropical Sunrooms is an addition to your home that you can feel good about.  Your new Sunroom can be an energy efficient and eco-friendly solution to adding space to your home.


Adding sunlight to your home not only contributes to the reduction of turning on lights but will also add warmth to aid in lowering those ever-increasing heat bills. Installing low maintenance WeatherMaster Vertical 4-Track Vinyl Windows provide added protection from the elements and harmful UV rays, with so many options for choosing how much light and breeze you let in.  If a year-round space is what you need, insulated walls and Roofing Systems by Sunspace Sunrooms work great with the ThermaDeck flooring System to assist in keeping your space warm and cozy through the cooler months.


The roof of your Sunroom makes for a perfect location to install a rain catchment system.  This inexpensive process could provide rainwater for your gardens and grass, decreasing your reliance on other water resources. Rain collection barrels can usually be purchased at your local hardware store and placed under your eavestrough downspout.  Your roof could also be home to a few solar panels, optimizing a southern exposure where you get the most hours of sunlight.  The energy produced by these panels could operate anything electrical in your Sunroom thereby increasing the space in your home while not increasing your monthly costs for hydro.  Going one step further, adding in an electric fireplace, that is completely run off your solar energy, will decrease the cost of heating in your home.


Imagine having fresh, organic vegetables grown right in your own Sunroom.  As Sunrooms are typically 80% windows you can’t find a better place to grow your own herbs and veggies, reducing your reliance on purchasing them at a grocery store with the added benefit of knowing they are truly organic.

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Keep an eye out for March’s post on ‘Gardening in Your Sunroom’.

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