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Creating an Energy Efficient Sunroom

  In today’s day and age, energy efficiency is no longer an industry ‘buzz’ word, it’s a way of life for many. So, when it comes to building a new sunroom, or revitalizing an old space, energy use is a primary consideration. Energy efficiency is the most cost-effective way of reducing heating and air conditioning bills. And in a climate of rising energy costs and ever-increasing energy bills, energy efficiency is an important factor in every home. So here are a few things we can do to make our sunny spaces more energy and cost effective.  

Window Tint & Coverings

  There are a variety of different window tints available from most manufacturers. Choosing tints like those made by Sunspace, provide UV protection and privacy where desired. SunShades and solar blinds provide UV protection and convenient shade when there is direct sunlight. Blocking out the sun and reducing solar heat gain will keep your sunroom much cooler on the hot summer days, while reducing energy costs for uncontrolled cooling and heating. Tints and shades will also help protect your sunroom floors and furniture from fading over time due to sun exposure. Make your sunroom more comfortable for you and your family to enjoy and keep those hydro bills down with these simple additions.  

Heating & Cooling

  For all season rooms, it can get expensive running space heaters in the cooler weather. How about a properly vented wood burning fireplace or even a gas insert.  If a fireplace isn’t for you, then it might be worth considering connecting your sunroom to your home’s HVAC system and take advantage of controlled heating and cooling year-round. Ceiling fans are also a great way of circulating air year-round. Inverted blades in cooler weather help to circulate warm air more effectively. Keeping you and your family more comfortable when the temps outside are dropping.  


  For those breezy summer days and venting throughout the seasons, the screens you choose are important. Don’t forget to ask about screen options available from Tropical Sunrooms.  

High Efficiency Windows

  Double glazed Low E-Argon gas Glass Windows should always be considered to ensure proper temperature regulation for more year-round use of your sunroom. These types of windows are double or triple pane and high efficiency. They will definitely save your energy bill by retaining cooler temperatures inside during the summer, and blocking the cold and keeping you warm in cooler temps.  

Room Placement

  It is wise to consider a south, south/east facing direction for your new sunny space. This will minimize the solar heat gain from the sun going down every night. But hey… you have a sunroom. Yay you! Speak with a Pro at Tropical Sunrooms to build a design that works best for you and your family.  

Insulating Your Sunroom

  Thermal walls, floors and roofing are key to warmer sunrooms in cooler temperatures. ThermaDeck is a great option that will easily accept any flooring application, so you really can build your dream sunroom. Radiant floor is another solution to keeping floors warm so that you can enjoy your sunroom more throughout the year. Proper insulation will ensure much more efficiency in use of energy by your sunroom throughout the year.

Checkout our Sunrooms page for more info on Thermal Sunrooms! There are many ways to improve the energy efficiency of your sunroom. Speak with our experts at Tropical Sunrooms to see how you can improve the energy use of an existing sunroom or enclosure. Or learn how you can design and build an energy efficient room for you and your family to love.

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