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Enjoy the Outdoors This Fall, Indoors

Fall is such a beautiful time of the year with all the beautiful yellows, reds & oranges of the leaves falling off the trees. Who wouldn’t love to enjoy more of the beautiful scenery? The only problem it brings is unless you are all bundled up you may eventually get to cold and must go inside where you can’t enjoy the beautiful colours – unless your sitting in your window all day.

Depending on your needs and wants there are only slight differences between a 3 Season Sunroom and a 4 Season Sunroom. It really all comes down to if your looking for some extra added space to enjoy year-round or if you’re just looking to extend your time outdoors a bit longer each year.

The 3 Season Sunroom can be built on top of a pre-existing deck or on top of our ThermaDeck for added insulation and warmth along with single glazed glass windows for strength & stability and being virtually maintenance free! Enjoy all the beautiful colours of Fall and the blossoming flowers in the spring in a new 3 Season Sunroom.

The 4 Season Sunroom is built off the 3 Season Sunroom with an upgrade to the windows, using double glazed high efficiency, low E-Argon gas glass and the Sunspace Thermal Roof System. This Sunroom is designed with our Canadian winters in mind providing your new room with strong support for wind & snow while reducing condensation and heat loss. This room is sure to be one of your most favourite rooms to enjoy throughout the winter months.

It’s not to late to build a beautiful 3 or 4 Season Sunroom where you can enjoy the amazing sights this season has to offer & in the comfort of your home. Surround yourself with the beautiful sights mother nature has to offer this Fall & Winter season!

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