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Enjoying Your Sunroom Year-Round

Looking to extend your sunroom use year-round? Even if you already have a sunroom or are looking to put an addition on your home, it’s important to know the differences between sunroom types and which is best for your home and the climate you live in. Determining which type of sunroom is best for use in the winter months will aid you in your decision process, but here are some helpful tips to stretch out your usage a little longer in the winter months.

Anything but a four-season sunroom is not designed to be constantly warm, and will fluctuate with the seasonal temperature. However, with the help of a space heater, electric fireplace or other heating source, sunrooms can be used in cooler weather, depending on your region and climate. Depending on the severity of the weather in your area, the actual length of time you’re able to use your sunroom may vary.

  • Use a space heater or an electric fireplace to keep the heat. Electric fireplaces and space heaters work great for heating a room. However, it’s important to only leave them on when the room is in use, as these methods can be costly.
  • Hang thick curtains over your sunroom windows. This will help create an insulated barrier between your glass windows and the outdoors and can also give you added benefit of privacy
  • Add a thick rug and carpet pad to your floor. Tile or hardwood flooring can end up being very chilly in the winter months, but adding a rug or area mat will keep the insulate your room and stop those cold footsteps.

If you’re looking for any help with your sunroom in the coming seasons, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local sunroom experts at Tropical Sunrooms. Sunrooms are modular and are typically easily upgraded, consider an insulated sunroom for the cooler months!

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