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February is the Month of Love, Spice Up Your Sunroom!

February is the month of love, and there are few other things in a home more romantic than a gorgeous sunroom. With the right decor, your sunroom can become a cozy spot for you to spend time with those you love this Valentine’s season.

Decor Ideas

Roses For A Reason

Valentines almost demands roses, they are typically the first thought in someones mind when it comes to a romantic gift. On that same thought, having a bouquet in your sunroom will not only enhance its appearance, but introduce a pleasant flowery fragrance. Even if you don’t have someone sending you flowers or someone to send flowers to, you can always treat yourself and get a boquet! Alternative, you can consider real touch silk flowers offer the same great look as fresh flowers, without the hassle. They may not come with the same wonderful fragrance, but they will have a much longer life.

The Perfect Atmosphere Enhancer

One of the best and most obvious reasons to love a sunroom is the amount of sunlight you get in the room. You can heavily incorporate this into your design ideas.
Consider some non-traditional styles of decoration, such as glass window ornaments or even window gel sticker clingers. They’re easy to remove when the season is over, and if you have kids they’ll have a great time helping you set up.

A Comfortable Retreat

Watching the sunset can be such a beautiful experience, and your sunroom can be one of the most perfect places to experience a sunset, if your property allows for it. Add in a comfy couch and some throw blankets in Valentine’s shades such as pink, red, and white, maybe light a candle, and suddenly you have a wonderful room to have a magical moment with that special someone in your life.

We here at Tropical Sunrooms are wishing all of you a wonderful Valentine’s Day! If you have any questions on getting started on your new sunroom that you can decorate, just reach out to us through our contact form or give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to help you

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