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Want to freshen up your space and bring more nature indoors this winter? Adding some indoor plants to your sunroom is a great way to add natural beauty and better air quality to your space, not to mention the calming effect that plants tend to have on us by invoking a sense of ease. Here are five easy to grow, low maintenance plants that will not only boost the aesthetics of your home but also provide a rewarding project with little investment of time or money.

Spider Plants are one of the easiest plants to grow indoors. They grow little baby shoots really fast which are easy to re-pot making duplicate plants to add even more greenery. They prefer well-lit areas and only require watering on a weekly basis.

Aloe Vera is an incredible succulent plant with a vast array of uses including for food, cosmetics, supplements and herbal remedies, not to mention its many amazing therapeutic benefits such as protection from UV rays and radiation, reduced depression and improved memory to name a few. These plants are easy to clone as well and require indirect sunlight and only need watering every week or two.

Orchids, while beautiful are often thought to be difficult plants but truthfully as long as they have plenty of sunlight and humidity they aren’t as challenging as one might think. Place them in a south facing window to get indirect sunlight, spray its leaves to add humidity (or use a humidifier) and water them every week to week and half and you’ll have no trouble enjoying their vibrant and fragrant blooms.

Boston Ferns, much like Orchids, need extra humidity but instead of producing colourful flowers, you will get beautiful, lush, green hanging plants to fill your room. They are one of the easiest ferns to maintain so long as you keep the soil damp and spray its leaves daily or use a humidifier.

Peace Lilies are quite easy to care for if you water them frequently. They can produce flowers all year long with enough light, water and humidity. They will let you know by drooping when they are thirsty but they are also very quick to recover. They are known to help purify the air but keep them away from pets and children as they contain Calcium Oxalate and could cause indigestion issues if consumed in large amounts.

Bringing plants into your home sunroom allows you enjoy nature year round creating a beautiful oasis indoors that not only helps purify the air quality in your home but also allows you to grow flowers for added aesthetics, and medicines / herbal remedies for all kinds of ailments and best of all it creates a calming atmosphere for you to adore whatever activity you choose to do in your sunroom, like reading, eating and enjoying the company of others just to name a few ideas.

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