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Holiday Decorating for your Sunroom and Porch Enclosure

The holidays are right around the corner which means, it’s the season to deck the halls and be jolly. Holiday gatherings often mean that many rooms in your home may be in use during family get-togethers and celebrations. Sunrooms and porch enclosures can be the perfect solution to accommodate an over-crowded kitchen or living room. Whether you have a natural rustic vibe to your sunroom or a more modern style, these holiday tips are a perfect way to blend traditional Christmas decor with modern winter style. This season, be ready to host with these holiday decorating tips.

  1. Twinkle light for the win. The soft glow of white lights never goes out of style. Whether you add larger white lights to a tree or weave thin wire strand twinkle lights amongst pine boughs on a mantle, christmas trees or other plants in your sunroom, this classic look adds warmth and whimsy. Hang strands of white lights vertically down windows to add extra warm light to your space. 
  2. Choose an accent color and run with it. Red and green is always a popular option during the holidays, but metallic colors like gold, copper and silver are a great way to keep a neutral look but still adds a bit of glitz.
  3. Large pine cones placed in bowls with ornaments is an easy way to create a centerpiece for a coffee or dining table. Add pine cones to mantles, lanterns and vases to add more layers of neutral color to your space.  
  4. Collect birch branches, pine and cedar boughs and creatively place them on mantles, hang over doorways and use them in centerpieces. Using natural outdoor elements creates a traditional feel and can be decorated with a myriad of beautiful colors. Fresh cedar and pine also make a room smell wonderful. 
  5. Cake pedestals with ornaments and winter themed signs creatively placed on top and around with a layered look are a great way to add dimensions to any table top.
  6. Baskets with festive throw pillows that are easy to grab add pops of color and texture to your sofa and chairs. Holiday themed throws with snowflakes or woodland animals can last longer into the winter season instead of being put away when the holidays are over. 
  7. Blanket ladders with plaid and knit throws act a statement piece. Use different types of material such as cotton quilts and wool afghans to create more layers to your blanket ladder.

Most importantly, when decorating throughout the holiday season, think about who is going to be sharing the space with you. Adding fun decor such as nutcrackers or woodland animal ornaments can be very fun for children that arrive or adding ornaments that have been handed down through families can be very meaningful to your guests.

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