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Is Your Sunroom Ready for Winter?

If you’re the proud owner of an insulated sunroom, it’s probably everyone’s favourite room in the house. To extend that enjoyment of your indoor / outdoor living space throughout the year without compromising on beautiful winter views, install an additional heat source, or find ways to help insulate the heat you already have.

In your model 300, 400 Sunspace Sunroom, try a gas fireplace (which do come fitted for propane at the cottage) that starts up with the flip of a switch, indulge with luxurious in floor heating, even a portable space heater will provide some much-needed warmth through our famously harsh Canadian snow season! If your model 400 is built as an addition onto your home, and your region permits it, a classic wood burning fireplace or stove will fill the room with warmth and a homey, comforting smell of fresh wood. Adding a pile of cozy throws, blankets and a great group of friends, family is sure to warm up any room in the house, keeping you toasty during the chilly days to come!

Tip: Avoid condensation by keeping the doors and windows in your sunroom leading directly to the exterior closed while using any type of indoor heating. Another option would be to use thick drapes to help keep the warmth in.

Using a large area rug in your Sunroom can greatly help heat retention during those colder winter months. Consider picking one up. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, you can always lay carpeting down in your sunroom.

Sunroom not built for year-round all-season use? Consider using your model 200 Sunspace Sunroom with Viewflex vinyl windows as a great winter storage space to preserve your high quality outdoor furniture products and protect them from the elements, damaging UV Rays, and winter burn!

Talk to an expert at Tropical Sunrooms today about designing and building the indoor / outdoor living space you’ve always dreamed of to suit your family’s usage and budget!

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