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Keeping Your Sunroom Warm During Winter

How To Keep Your Sunroom Warm During The Coldest Winter Months.

Sunrooms are a beautiful feature in any home. Sunrooms are a great way for the family to escape the noise and chaos of the rest of the house and enjoy some quiet time, enjoying the outside environment without necessarily being outside.

Most of the year, climatic weather conditions might not be an issue, however, when it’s the middle of winter, a sunroom may not be the best place to spend time during those blustery days and nights. This is especially true if your sunroom is not connected to your home’s HVAC system. Many homeowners with 3-Season Sunrooms tend to avoid using their room to its full potential during the winter because the atmosphere tends to be too cold and isn’t prepared for cooler temperatures.

The question is this, “how do I keep my sunroom warm even in winter?

Keeping Sunrooms warm in winter might seem like a daunting task, but you’d be pleased to know that there are about a hundred and thousand ways to do just that even in winter. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your sunroom warm in the coming months.

1. Warm your floors:

Get some heavy floor coverings like a thick rug or area carpet for your Sunroom. These kinds of rugs add some protection and warmth for your toes. Considering radiant flooring when designing your Sunroom is a great option for warming your sunny space. Radiant flooring is energy efficient, runs effortlessly, and does not use up any room space compared to traditional heaters and fireplaces. In-floor heating is also safe and is easily installed. ThermaDeck is also a great way to ensure that your floors and Sunroom have the best possible protection against the elements. ThermaDeck is an insulated floor and decking system by Sunspace Sunrooms, manufactured to match your room dimensions precisely. ThermaDeck can receive any flooring and is also safe to work with radiant flooring systems. CLICK HERE to learn more about ThermaDeck.

2. Make Use of Shutters:

Shutters are immensely efficient at trapping heat from the sun and are designed to produce a greenhouse effect, that is to say, they allow the heat of the sun come in but they do not allow the heat go out. This, in turn, adds to the warmth of your Sunroom during cooler temperatures. That’s not all, shutters add style and decor to the room, they’re durable, easy to clean, boost energy efficiency, and are a perfect privacy solution for your Sunroom.

3. Install a Heat Source:

Connecting your Sunroom to your home’s HVAC system is the ideal solution for keeping the climate in your sunroom regulated when the weather gets harsh. A wood burning fireplace, portable heater or even a gas insert would also work well to keep your Sunroom nice and cozy on the blistery colder days.

4. Add Window Coverings:

Vinyl backed and thermal curtains are a great way of blocking the cold creeping in when it’s really cold outside. They also prevent heat loss in your room, so if you have your fireplace or gas insert going, you are sure to have a cozy room to enjoy season long. You may consider additional protection by winterizing your windows in the fall to ensure you will be able to moderate the climate of your Sunroom all winter.

There you have it, some simple, cost-effective tips on keeping your Sunroom warm during the winter so you don’t have to lose your favorite space in the house to old man winter.

For more information on keeping your sunroom warm during winter, call Tropical Sunrooms today. 1-800-265-2184

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