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New Years Renovations

At this time of year, many families celebrate the Holidays with gatherings and celebrations. Christmas Day comes and goes and then the New Year is upon us. At this time, many people plan out their resolutions and goals for the year to come.

If a renovation is on your goal list for 2023, then this is the perfect time to begin thinking and planning out what needs to happen to make your dream renovation come true.

With any renovation, talking to a home improvement specialist is a great place to start. Scheduling a home improvement team or contractor to come to your home and provide an estimate will help start the to-do list for your project.

If you’re interested in a sunroom or addition, this is a great time to ask your contractor what the legal requirements are for this type of project in your municipality. Permits, variances and setbacks, are things that a local renovation company will be familiar with. If engineered drawings are required, most companies have someone in house or an engineer that they are familiar with to provide drawings and plans. Many companies will handle the permitting process, so be sure to ask what requirements you are responsible for as a homeowner.

When a home improvement specialist comes to your home to provide you with an estimate, they will often take measurements and photos, ask what your vision is for a project and discuss what options and products they recommend. Most times, with larger renovations, a contractor may need some time to research prices to accommodate homeowner requests about specific products or features they are looking for. Scheduling an estimate early in the year is recommended if you are wanting to begin working on your project in the Spring or early Summer. Busier renovation companies may have projects booked out months in advance and depending on the type of product and materials you require; custom windows, doors, sunroom and porch enclosures can sometimes take several weeks to several months to manufacture.

Once you have an estimate and permit approval, you can discuss with the contractor you’ve chosen what approximate timelines are for product to arrive and for installation to commence. They will know how long their suppliers take to manufacture the products needed for your renovation.

Remember that some projects and supplies can take several weeks to months to get started or produced so take advantage of being an early bird and begin planning early in the year.

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