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Patio Covers

Patio Covers are a cost-effective way to extend the outdoor living space of your home, allowing you to enjoy your porch or patio even during rain or snow. Tropical Sunrooms' professional staff can assist you in designing and installing a Patio Cover for your existing porch, patio or deck that will not only add value to your home, but also create an outdoor living space that you can use for entertaining friends and family, additional storage, and even outdoor eating.

Tropical Sunrooms offers Patio Covers from Sunspace Sunrooms, a well-known leader in the outdoor living space industry throughout North America. Our Patio Covers are available with customizable options and can be installed either as an Acrylic Roof, or a Hybrid Roof, both of which allow you to choose multiple colors and tints for your acrylic panels. Our Patio Covers are known to eliminate condensation problems through patented condensation control, and are strong enough to hold ceiling fans, lights, plants, and even skylights.

Adding a Patio Cover to your existing outdoor living area can provide you with shade and can cut down on the amount of sunlight that enters your windows, which is great if your home faces direct sunlight at any point throughout the day. At the same time, a Patio Cover provides your outdoor living space with natural light and open space. Getting more out of your backyard is easy with a Patio Cover from Tropical Sunrooms. If you choose, your Patio Cover can also be easily converted into a Screen Room or WeatherMaster Sunroom at a later date.


    In light of the recent pandemic, we would like to express that the health and safety of our visitors, customers, staff, and families is important to us. If you require any accommodations for your visit to the showroom or during your installation, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to create a comfortable environment for you.

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