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Seasonal Holiday Decorations

The Christmas season has arrived. Everyone is starting to enliven their homes for the season. Christmas is a period for loved ones to meet up and celebrate! Get into the season by improving your home and spreading the seasonal joy.

Christmas Themes

The customary green, red and gold are still here for this Christmas. You can generally embellish your home with those tones to spread the spirits. For 2019 blue has shown up as a new trend. On the off chance you want to try and stand out a bit more, add traces of blue, like a navy blue tone to incorporate into your decorations.


Draping a wreath on your entryway is always a go-to staple for holiday decoration. Wreaths are incredibly customizable and you can always add your own individuality to make each wreath your own! You can create the one that fits you and your family best. They come in every a multitude of sizes and costs to guarantee there is one that will suit you and your family best.


Candle Decorations are an approach to set both the occasion and your guests state of mind. Not only can they come in a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes, but they also come with a multitude of aromas and scents to chose from. You can likewise hang candles off your Christmas tree or outside on the entryway to your enclosed patio.

Christmas Tree

Lastly, and probably the most common, and the most essential. This is truly the mark of being in the spirit for the season. Christmas Trees are not only a great centerpiece to a home, but can be a fun experience with family and friends to come together and decorate the tree. Good friends, good music, and maybe a little wine can make for a great day! You can buy a topper for your tree that can bring it all together, or even go out of your way to make your own.
These decorating ideas are just a beginning point, but ultimately how you decorate is up to your own personal tastes. Don’t feel the need to be constricted to conventional methods, it’s your home, decorate in a way that makes you and your family most content. Contact us today at Tropical Sunrooms for your free no obligation consultation, and we can help you turn your existing living space into extra space for the holidays!

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