Spring Sunroom Tips for 2021

Short on things to look forward to in 2021? Let’s talk about letting in the sun and fresh air this Spring!

Opening up your Sunroom every year should be a fun and rewarding process, we’ve got some tips to guide you through.

Pull out the straw broom and vacuum cleaner to clear out any dust, dirt or cobwebs that may have built up over the colder months and wipe down any surfaces, window frames, and fixtures with a damp cloth or feather duster.

Furniture placement Dust off the patio furniture, use a warm damp cloth to clear any spots or buildup on upholstery and wipe down any surfaces. A little bit of vinegar goes a long way to creating that fresh, just cleaned smell without introducing any chemicals into your tranquil space. Consider how you plan to use Sunroom or enclosure and choose an easy to walk through layout to keep the space feeling open and easy to tidy.

Plants and live foliage will thrive in any Sunroom or Enclosure, even more so if you have windows that allow adjustments to amount of light and air in the space. Products like the WeatherMaster Porch Windows and Doors offer stackable systems, in different tints and a ton of different screen mesh options that let you decide how much light and breeze you want in the room at any time – and you can easily change it throughout the day. Create the ultimate nature filled comfort zone in an outdoor space with all the benefits of being indoors (no mosquitos, UV Rays or rain to spoil your enjoyment of the day!). These windows are so easy to clean, just pop each stackable panel out and wipe down both sides with the gentle cleaning solution offered by the manufacturer and you’re good to go for another year!

Enjoy the day setting up your space and don’t forget to reward yourself by taking some time to admire your accomplishment and plan for all the ways you’ll enjoy your Sunroom this season. For more information on WeatherMaster Porch Windows & Doors, Sunspace Sunrooms or any other shade, outdoor living products for your home, call Tropical Sunrooms today for a free virtual quote on creating your new favourite room in the house 1-800-265-2184.