Tropical Sunrooms

Unconventional Uses For Your Sunroom

Looking for some not so traditional ways to use your Sunroom ?

If you’re wondering what to do with your outdoor living space, here are some great ideas to get your inspiration on!

Traditionally Sunrooms are used as a family room or den, but there are a lot of  functional and enjoyable ways that you can consider for using the space. Your decision on what kind of room to create will depend on certain criteria such as the size of the sunroom, the proximity of the sunroom to other rooms in the house and your family’s specific needs and preferences.


A library with built-in shelving, a warm fireplace, and a few easy chairs would make a nice addition existing family areas of a home to lounge in. Cozy up with your favorite author and benefit from the natural sunlight pouring through. The fireplace would add ambiance and energy efficient heating in the room for extra warmth in the cooler months.


These days many of us are working from home and the solarium is a perfect location for a home office!

The sunny space offers natural light and a scenic backdrop to help keep your spirits high and inspire creativity while you work. Create an office environment in your sunroom with a desk, built-in shelving, and file cabinets to give you that “going to the office” feeling.


Small home based businesses featuring handmade goods are increasing in popularity and an All Season Room makes an incredible arts and crafts studio. Get inspiration from the outdoor scenery and natural light parading through your low maintenance WeatherMaster Windows. Your space would have ample room for storage and displaying art, supplies, materials, or tools.


Entertain through the holidays in your Sunroom with the magical ambiance of a fireplace while enjoying panoramic views of your backyard. The dining room (whether formal or informal) makes functional use of a beautiful space, especially if the Sunroom is in close proximity to the kitchen.


Imagine a vintage pinball game, jukebox, card table and some easy chairs scattered about to entertain your friends and family with. Your sunroom can create a space that brings people together to relax and have some fun. Consider a big screen TV, surround sound and large comfortable seating to enhance your movie watching experience.

We think this year, when deciding how you’ll use your Sunroom or outdoor living space, throw caution to the wind and try something different! With 80% ventilation and spanning views of your property, you can create a space to truly enjoy your favourite activities and the great outdoors, while keeping protected from the elements.

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