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Utilizing Your Sunroom This Fall

Looking for creative ways to prolong the use of your Sunroom and outdoor living space this fall?

Here’s a few ideas for you.

Sunrooms are truly in their glory for enjoyment throughout the late spring, summer and early fall months. And while the glow of summer can warm up your sunny space, it can also be a perfect living area for resting and relaxing in the cooler months. In fact, many homeowners consider converting their sunroom into lounges for additional use throughout all of the seasons. As the cold fall winds set in, what better space could there be than the room that allows you to observe all this natural beauty while remaining naturally warm and cozy. If you plan to turn your sunroom for fall and winter, we recommend that you consider these suggestions.


Your newly purposed sunroom will need cozy and comfortable furniture to spend the next few seasons. Whether you want to rearrange and ‘repurpose’ the existing furniture in your sunroom, make sure your room focuses on comfort and rest. You will also want to compliment your furniture with stylish accents and a decor you can chill with. Think of a theme that you would like to adopt for your space, perhaps a vintage or retro feel and keep that in mind when designing your space.


Unfortunately, you cannot count on natural sunlight keeping your sunroom warm during the fall and winter. There are several possibilities to consider when heating your outdoor living space. Radiant heat is as an excellent heat source. Radiant heating systems fit just below the floorboards and use natural convection currents to maintain a warm space. It is not as energy efficient as incorporating your sunroom into your HVAC system but you will be sure to have warm toes throughout the cooler months. Or you can simply add a heater. Available in an attractive table top style or full-size designs, these heaters add a warm and calm ambiance to any space. They also have several finishing options, so it’s easy to find a style that matches the existing decor of your sunroom.


The decor is a supreme mood factor and can provide your family with a needed oasis right at home. While summer flowers are gone, you can add new seasonal elements as decorations to add warmth and comfort. You can add more durable cushions, covers and patterns to add a splash of color and have some fun with fall colors. More plush blankets will withstand the weather and add warmth when you cuddle up to enjoy your cool weather sunroom. You can also consider adding pumpkins, lights and other decorative elements to really bring out the fun in your space.


Fall is a wonderful time to spend in your sunroom and with shorter and shorter days, it’s a good time to have fun with the lighting. Taking into account the essence of the fall season, there are fun and creative ways to play with the ambient lighting in your sunroom. Higher lighting levels generally produce a more stimulating and more active environment, while lower levels create an atmosphere of relaxation, intimacy and rest. So go ahead and spark those faux candles and turn the lights down low for your perfect little getaway.

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