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What Type of Sunroom is Right For You

Choosing the Right Sunroom & Things To Consider

When choosing the best Sunroom for your home, there are certain questions may want to consider. Such as, why do I need additional space? What’s the purpose for this room? Should I opt for a Screen Room or a Sunroom? If I opt for a Sunroom, what kind of Sunroom should I be getting? Here are some pointers to help get you going on your Sunroom project.

Why You Need Additional Space

There are a thousand reasons why you might want to expand your home’s available space. Maybe your family is growing, you may be in need of office space, more room for entertaining, or you may want to build that sunny space in your kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of.

Why a Sunroom is a Better Option 

Bringing the Outdoors In:

Have you got a beautiful backyard but can’t see it from inside the house? Sunrooms are constructed with up to 80% windows so you will have an unobstructed view to enjoy your entire outdoor space from the comfort of being indoors.

Cost Effectiveness:

Traditional room addition construction is a much more costly undertaking than expanding your home with a new Sunroom. Not only do sunrooms add value to your home, giving it that new construction home finishing, but the price of a new Sunroom is still only a fraction of the cost of any home addition.

Build to Suit:

There’re so many options from which you can choose, from Screen Rooms, WeatherMaster Sunrooms or All-Season Thermal Sunrooms. Sunspace Sunrooms are custom manufactured to your exact design requirements, so whether you’re using your new room as a private oasis in the home or as an extension of your outdoor living space, you will have the options to build the space you need and have always wanted.

Which of the sunrooms will best fit my house expansion?


Screen Rooms are a great and very cost effective method of enclosing an outdoor space. Provide protection from wind, rain, and insects while enjoying 100% ventilation. Screen Rooms can be easily upgraded with a WeatherMaster Vinyl Window System to still allow up to 75% ventilation and allowing you to utilize your room throughout more seasons of the year.

WeatherMaster Sunrooms:

WeatherMaster Sunrooms are virtually maintenance free and come with a Lifetime Warranty. WeatherMaster’s Vinyl 4-Track Window System is available in both vertical and horizontal configurations so you can achieve a completely custom design that will best suit the needs of you and your family. Available in a variety of architectural and design options, your Sunroom will match the existing exterior of your home seamlessly.

3-Season & Thermal Sunrooms:

Thermal and 3-Season Sunrooms can be more costly than your average Screen Room or WeatherMaster Sunroom, but that’s because they’re built to serve you all year round, much like a traditional room addition. Unlike their less insulated counterparts, which are best enjoyed during the warmer seasons of the year, Thermal Sunrooms are constructed with insulated walls and roofing systems that will withstand the harsh conditions of winter. Many all-season Sunrooms are connected to the home’s HVAC system to control the climate of the room year-round, or at the very least have an alternative heating source, such as a gas insert or fireplace, installed. The type of windows, their insulating factors, solar gain and heat loss, number of panes and ease of use and maintenance differ between 3-Season and Thermal Sunrooms, so it’s important to understand the differences before choosing your design and construction.

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