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Creating a Backyard Oasis

Looking for ways to spend more time outdoors without having to spend money to go away for the weekend? Spend more time at home by creating an outdoor Oasis right in your backyard! We have some great ways you can put together a backyard oasis and you can take your time creating your oasis or get it all done at once.

Start with the Deck

Make your deck the star of your backyard retreat by creating different levels and areas throughout your deck. Add a beautiful Patio Cover to part of your deck with a lattice along one side with vines and plants in pots & containers to bring the landscape up on your deck and blend everything together.

No Deck, How about a patio?

If you don’t have a deck and don’t want to invest in a deck just yet, that’s not a problem at all. Put together a nice Patio with either patio stones or tiles. Your patio can get very hot if you don’t have some shade and it will quickly turn into an area you avoid on super hot days, and we don’t want that. Try adding an Acrylic Patio Cover to protect you from the heat while allowing the light to still shine through. Add some patio furniture, some beautiful flowers and plants maybe a fountain or a fire pit and your set!

Who said you can’t cook outside?

If you already enjoy spending time outdoors as well as eating outdoors, why not add an outdoor kitchen? Not only will you be able to enjoy the weather while you cook, you’ll also be able to spend time with your family while they are outdoors as well! You don’t need to go all out and build a complete kitchen, just make sure you have the basics, a BBQ or grill, a counter top to prep food and for storage, maybe a separate side burner, a sink or even a small fridge.

Furnish Accordingly

One thing you should always make sure of is that the furniture you pick for your outdoor space should look great, be comfortable and be durable. You don’t want to spend a ton of money on a beautiful furniture set that makes you stress every time it rains to either cover the furniture or bring the cushions in. Look for a furniture set with weatherproof materials. And don’t just stop there, look for other useful weatherproof objects such as floor lamps or table lamps.

Did someone say Spa?

For an extra luxurious backyard retreat try adding an outdoor spa area or something as simple as adding a hot tub. Nothing feels better then coming home after a long day’s work and kicking up your feet and taking a nice long relaxing soak in a hot tub! One thing to remember before considering adding a hot tub is that when it’s full it could weigh up to 2 tons so it will need its own support. If you want to be able to enjoy your hot tub year round you might want to think about adding a Sunroom or Screened Room so you can enjoy the hot tub while there’s snow on the ground!

For more great ways to create a backyard oasis contact Tropical Sunrooms and speak with one of our staff.

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